Our Mission

Inspire Empower Grow

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Growing community, One seed at a time


We inspire the community to improve their well-being through movement and yoga. Through these practices stress and trauma can move through the body.

We aim to inspire a positive lifestyle through education on topics like how to grow your own food, and other sustainable life-skills.

We inspire neighborhood improvement and home ownership, through rehabilitating old homes.


Knowledge is Power. We are educating youth through hands-on skills-building to give them the tools and confidence which can serve them for a lifetime. Knowledge builds confidence in self, confidence in an ability to live responsibly, and can spark an ambition to take ownership of one’s own future.

We serve to empower others to pursue their goals, creating a network of small businesses to share in success together.

We empower creative expression with a presence for urban culture, and a space for the arts.


We are growing the community through shared positive experiences and events. A positive community can evoke pride, security, and a sense of resiliency. We are located in the heart of Des Moines to offer Good Vibes to a community that perseveres through oppression of systemic racism, classism, and under-representation.

We aim to grow the representation of BIPOC in the Des Moines area through empowering youth, supporting families, and encouraging a celebration of diversity.

Good Vibes is a grassroots effort founded by Ben Spellman, who urges us to step out of our comfort zone; to make authentic connections with people from all walks of life. Through these connections, we share tangible experiences and opportunities.