March Newsletter

  • Published: March 06, 2021 @ 12:00 AM
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A special thank you to gracious supporters: NCMIC, Connor Delaney, Business Solvers Foundation, Neil Grant, Michelle Clark, Noemi Saenz, Roger Jones, Carrie Gosnell, Michael Sinklier, Miranda Garland, Southanary Macvilay, Katie Anderson, Dale Finnegan, Ariel Pleva, and those who come to yoga & cooked meals. Thank you to our board of directors.

NEW COMMUNITY PROGRAM: Over the winter we developed a new indoor youth focused program in response to unique neighborhood needs. We wanted a large space where kids could safely move their bodies, improve their health, and lessen screen-time. In partnership with The Minds Podcast (Jjuan Hakeem Hadnot) and Just Work Training (Jon Luke Talton) we are prodiving whole body workouts for free at the Grubb YMCA. The conditioning focuses on speed and agility while creating the all around athlete. This event is open to everyone, all ages. Join us! Tuesday's & Thursday's 1611 11th Street, DSM, IA 7-8am, Drop In.


Cultivating healthy communities through connecting people with food from seed to table. The food that we grow informs and inspires while nourishing our community. We use the gardens and orchard as a cross-discipline learning tool that has the ability to connect kids to the environment and our local food system! Gardening not only builds soil, it also builds community! A garden nurtures many forms of connection, and the one between self, earth, and neighbors is most important when empowering the city. Stay tuned for our summer youth programs. Youth opportunities to be hands on in the gardens and orchard!


NEW morning class added!Brittney is a yogi, mental health professional, and life long learner. Her class is the newest addition to our program. Mindful Movement will have elements of postures to condition the body, breathe work to calm the mind, and seated meditation to observe your inner experience. Brittney is passionate about understanding the mind/body connection and how yoga can be used to support healing in both. This class can be modified to be accessible for any body. Join on Mondays & Wednesdays at 8am at 1600 6th Ave. No need to preregister: Drop In. Free-will donation.


YOUT PROGRAM STARTING MARCH 2. Emmett Phillips, founder of Speak Your Peace, a new arts education and consultation service, is partnering with GVM to provide a fresh creative outlet for the youth of inner city Des Moines. Emmett has been heavily involved in the arts and youth education in Des Moines for years and will be offering a Hip Hop based literacy program that will give students an opportunity to develop their vocabularies and literacy skills, build self confidence and self esteem through performance and public speaking, all while building community and working directly with an experienced performance artist. The program is targeted towards 5th graders to middle schoolers and will culminate in public performance at the Des Moines Arts Festival. Please pass this along to anyone you think may be interested!


Published: March 06, 2021 @ 12:00 AM