Meet Brittney : a yogi, mental health professional, and lifelong learner. [M / W @ 8am]

  • Published: April 06, 2021 @ 1:26 PM
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We'd like to introduce you to Brittney, a yogi, mental health professional, and life long learner. Many of you probably know her or have seen her about the community. She's for the people and her actions match her words. We asked her what yoga was to her and why she felt called forward to share the practice with others.

"Yoga was healing for me. I found my practice 11 years ago at a time in my life when I felt out of control. My thoughts were unhealthy, my choices did not a line with my values, and I was stuck. I found comfort in the predictability of a physical yoga practice. “Make a shape with your body. Find a focal point. Breath. Make a different shape with my body. Find a focal point. Breath.”… Lather rinse, repeat. I didn’t need to talk to people. I made owed no explanations. It didn’t matter if I wasn’t doing what everyone else was. My hour was all about what I needed and what I needed was to feel something. I pushed towards a physically challenging practice and found that my mind received the greater benefit. It happened automatically that I would be so focused on what my muscles were doing, where my limbs were in space, and how I was breathing that there wasn’t space for my mind to also think ruminating thoughts. It was just me and my breathing. “Just hold this pose for two more breaths, Brittney, now one more”. In time, following my breath came more naturally. I approached Yoga with more gentleness. My practice evolved so that the poses became secondary to the sensations of breathing and noticing what happened as I became still. I was able to observe more space between the thoughts I was having and the reactions I had to them. This all benefited my walking life. I gained some resilience, I became less reactive, I began to trust myself again, and found a practice that can evolve with me through life. [The eight Limbs of] Yoga have become a guidepost in my life. I am grateful to continue growing and to be able to share this practice with others."

We feel honored that she shares space with us, and can't wait until you get to do the same.

Join her on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 8am for an hour of postures to condition the body, breathe work to calm the mind, and seated meditation to observe your inner experience.


Published: April 06, 2021 @ 1:26 PM