Meet Jamia: aspiring holistic practitioner and lover of the people

  • Published: May 28, 2021 @ 1:25 AM
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Meet Jamia, a recent Spellman College graduate with aspirations to practice medicine with a holistic approach. We asked her to share a little about herself!


"Growing up, I always considered myself an athlete, a lover of movement. I participated in every sport possible, no matter the season. Though, it was never something I found true passion in, it was the physical movement and activity that drew me in close. I attended my first yoga class while in college, it had always peaked my interest but I had yet to take the leap of faith into the practice. I never had access to classes that made me feel comfortable, until that first one. From then, it was love. I felt of glimpse of what it could be, and knew I wanted more. With aspirations to understand the body holistically, practicing yoga became an opportunity to dive deeper."


We asked her, "Why Good Vibes?"

After expressing my experience practicing yoga in Atlanta, my mom saw on the Shop Black Des Moines Facebook page an opportunity to practice at Good Vibes. She shared the event with me, and after attending my first Community Movement session with Ben, I truly felt the love radiating throughout the building. I felt the welcoming energy and it was a MUST that I came back. Once I received my 200hr certification and realized the impact of having donation based community movement sessions - it was evident that the opportunity too share at Good Vibes was Divine. I was able to dive into my passion for holistic healthcare and doing my part to make it accessible to everyone.

After moving to Iowa when I was 13, I’ve always wanted to be more involved with my local community. In highschool I joined organizations that allowed me to do just that by volunteering and being engaged with community talks about equity. Moving forward, acknowledging the amount of love I’ve received from my family and my community growing up the seed of giving back has been planted and rooted in who I am. So, becoming involved with the City of Des Moines feels like sharing the love that I’ve been blessed to receive throughout my life. Making that the reason I do what I do and the reason I’m passionate about the things I am passionate about. Such that I see the blessings and opportunities that I have had thus far so, I would be doing myself and others a great disservice if I didn’t do what I did and share my knowledge and love with the world.


We are so excited to have Jamia back on the movement schedule! You can join her Monday evenings at 5:30PM for Vibe & Move, an all levels yoga class that will focus on the basics of Ashtanga yoga which will encourage finding personal flow and pace with every movement and breath. In this class the music selection will feature R & B/ Soul+ “Chill” Hip-Hop music to encourage high vibrations.

Published: May 28, 2021 @ 1:25 AM