The Spot Talk with Horizon Line Coffee

  • Published: February 18, 2020 @ 1:00 PM
Good Vibes Movement

HORIZON LINE COFFEE - Located in the west end art district of downtown Des Moines is a quaint little shop that was started by two pals with a simple goal; serve great coffee and be good to others. They dedicate themselves to sourcing high quality, ethical, and traceable coffees. On top of this, they are actively cultivating an inclusive community and providing coffee education. They're space encourages unlikely and diverse friendships while having the ability to source unique coffees where all people in the supply chain benefit. A few months ago, Horizon Line opened their doors to us and donated a percentage of sales back to the Good Vibes Movement - we are thankful for their endless support (and mouthwatering coffee).

We had the chance to talk with some members from Horizon Line about how small, local businesses can truly build each other up through community empowerment, this is what they had to say about Good Vibes -

"We’re really happy to be part of the Good Vibes family and to be able to call each other friends! Our basic principles at Horizon Line are to offer exceptional hospitality, serve excellent coffee, and provide good vibes (think sustainability efforts, clean aesthetic, and inclusive community). When we first met Ben a couple years ago, we started by remembering his order (1 & 1 with oat milk). After many stops in, sometimes multiple per day, we really got to know him and started encountering his team. After the casual hello's and what would you like - we came to understand his presence in the Des Moines community and how he truly strives to make a positive impact on each life he encounters. We are excited for the future collaborations of HLCxGood Vibes (spoiler alert: there may be a coffee collaboration with shared profits on the horizon). Beyond our friendship, I’d say that we share similar values: creating inclusive communities, treating people well, and offering meaningful experiences.

What is yoga for some may be coffee with friends for others, and vice versa (and/or both). But yeah, we both care about people. :)"


To say we are grateful for friendships like this in our community would be an understatement, Horizon Line Coffee has had our back from the get go. We are so excited to keep supporting their growth and drinking some of our cities best coffee.


Published: February 18, 2020 @ 1:00 PM